Friday, April 24, 2009

Agent 21 at your service! :)

I still keep pinching myself. I have a new car for six months? Free gas/insurance? I get to go on monthly missions? Is this real? How freakin cool!

If you guys didn't know already, I entered this contest for Ford where they picked 100 people from across the USA to get their new Ford Fiesta before anyone else. I was going to post pictures on here too, but the video I made of my experience last weekend tells the story so much better! :)

What is so cool about all this, is that I get to share it with you. Be sure to check out my Fiesta Movement profile everyday and see the new content I will be putting up!

I also just finished filming a new R.A.T. episode, off to edit as usual!

Hugs and Joy,

Brittani Taylor :)



Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I had such a fun night last night!! My friend Shane invited me to go with him to a screening of "Butterflies". It is a really cool film by about youtube! She followed around Lisa Nova, OlgaKay, DaveDays, etc. in 2008, so last night was the first screening of the film!

It is funny, because you make all these friends on youtube, and when you get to meet them in real life, they are exactly the same as they are in their videos LOL!

AND I actually wore a dress!! I know!! Shocking huh? I am such a jeans and comfy t-shirt type of a girl, but it is fun every once and a while to show a little leg.

After the film ended, we all just mingled around and took pictures. You might recognize some of these peeps! :)
Seriously, I just love people, and getting to be around others that share the same passion as you is what life is all about! Plus, most peeps on youtube are crazy, so it is a wild bunch haha! :)

Also, if you haven't seen it already, I go "Speed Dating" in Shane's latest genius creation.

OHHHH and my profile is up on the Ford Fiesta Movement Site!! I go to training on the 19th and 20th of this month, can't wait to show you guys the car!

Off to edit my latest R.A.T. episode, and then filming a quick Easter video tomorrow! A lot of the youtube peeps don't leave until Thursday, so we are hoping to meet up again on Wednesday!

Hugs and Sunshine,

Brittani Taylor :)

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