Sunday, March 30, 2008

Who got Lost Last night?<-------me

SOOO I was supposed to go this Premiere of this Indie Film and walk the red carpet last night right? It Sounded really fun, and I invited my friend Steve to come with me. I printed out my directions from Mapquest, and usually mapquest doesn't steer me wrong, but last night, haha yeah it just wasn't happening.We tried to get directions twice, drove around and around in Huntington beach,CA looking for this obscure street that would take us to the theater for the screening. After an hour and a half of driving in circles we gave up!

I used to live in Sunset Beach my first two months in Cali, and the traffic on the 405 was crazy, so we made a decision! Where the screening was supposed to be was really close to where I used to live, so screening premier night became food and movie theater night!

We went to CPK (Califorina pizza kitchen) and got Pizza and Eggrolls, then we went to The Golden Spoon and got frozen yogurt, and proceeded to take our feast to see Drillbit Taylor at AMC!

Sometimes you get lost, but it's funny how things always seem to work out! :)
Here are some Pics:
Me with Steve's Jacket at CPK cause I forgot mine!
Steve and I with our Yogurt and food at AMC!Have a Sundae filled Sunday,
Brittani aka Rhonda Anthony Tanner aka B-RAT :)

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Barbie said...

First mistake MapQuest :( sounds like your climbing your way to fame , wish you all the best of luck,
Barbie and ken from:
Catskill Mountain FYI

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