Saturday, August 2, 2008

Kellogg's Little League Chamshionship :)

Haha I am falling asleep in my chair!! I managed a promotion for Kellogg's for the Little League Championships all day today, and I do it again all day tomorrow!!

It was 100 degrees, humid, and I was on my feet for 12 hours but I had a blast! I love when I get to work with kids, because basically I get to play all day!

At this event, I was also hired to be the emcee, haha! I had to get peeps to chant and sing with me for hats!

And my two bosses at the event that represented the client were amazing!! They were two young chill surfer dudes from Manhattan beach!

I won't be able to answer any youtube messages or comments until probably Monday! Just wanted to keep you posted as to why! Here are some pictures from my great day!
Talk to you all soon my lovelies!!

Hugs and Baseball,

Brittani Taylor aka Rhonda Anthony Tanner/R.A.T. Coaching aka B-RAT :)

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Elyse said...

Awesome...I'm really tired too *yawn* and

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