Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I left my USB cord for my camera in Arizona! Haha my mom had to mail it to me, so that is why I haven't posted a blog recently.

But now that I have the power to upload my pics to my computer again! Don't worry, I will be back to telling you more than you need to know about my life!

On Friday, like I said, I filmed a new R.A.T. episode with my friend Joe. On our lunch break, I took Joe to this hole in the wall Mexican fast food place where the food is amazing!

Joe accidentally forgot his firewire cable for me to grab the footage from his camera after filming, so we went and bought one at Frys Electronics. I love that store, and every time I go I drool over the HD cameras! LOL, don't worry, I am going to buy one soon!

On Saturday, I meet up with a couple of youtube peeps! They are awesome, check out their pages and sub to them if you haven't already!
We went and got cupcakes after dinner, and you guys know how I like cupcakes! :)
But Shane's cupcake wasn't very good. I wouldn't recommened Peanut Butter and Jelly except on a sandwhich!

Then on Sunday I went for a hike with my friend Monique! She has the cutest little dog named Bubba. He is a Brussel Griffon Terrier, and maybe like 3 pounds? LOL! I took my roommates dog with me as well, so the dogs had a nice playdate!

Phew, this super blog is done! Off to finish editing, new episode is going up tomorrow!

Hugs and Luv,

Brittani Taylor aka Rhonda Anthony Tanner/R.A.T. Coaching aka B-RAT :)


JNCvids said...

good thing u got ur cord back :) looks like a fun day for youuu! i want a cupcake now hahah


Anonymous said...

Love The Video and Love The Super Blog :)
You must be one of the funnest people on the planet to be around. And to top that you love cupcakes too so that just makes you even cooler!

-Love Kota

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