Sunday, February 22, 2009

BLOGTV is the Place to be! :)

I just did my first ever Blogtv show! Soooo fun!

I am a total noob, and had no clue what I was doing and it was kind of a trial run. Next time I will advertise it more so everyone knows about it!

I was thinking about doing it on Sunday afternoon/nights, cause Sunday is usually a chill day for me. But I am a very random person, so probably I will keep changing the day depending on how I am feeling haha! :)

If you have a blogtv account, add me!

I also have a couple of new Videos! My interpretation of the Hokey Pokey R.A.T. Style!

And my take on laundry folding on my Brittani Channel! :)

Off to watch the Oscar's! Award shows are my life!

Hugs and Dreams,

Brittani Taylor aka R.A.T. :)

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Love Kota said...

I got a blogtv account JUST for you lol. I can't believe I missed you first one. I'm glad you're gonna advertise them more though. You are such a fun person so I can't wait to see you on blogtv. I did see you the night you were on Shane's. So fun!

-Love Kota

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