Friday, March 20, 2009


I only heard about this contest for "Jim Beam" the other night, and the deadline for entering Round 1 is Saturday March 21st @12am EST!

Better late than never right? You can win:
-A trip to Vegas for 3
-And your video gets featured on the Jim Beam Website!

They give you three commercials they have done to spoof, and you get to pick one of the three!

I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER, be your BFF, Vote for you for anything you are in, if you would please stop everything and GO register and vote!! Click on "Vote for my Tragedy" below! :P

ALSO check out my friend Joe's video that we also did! :)

AND I made a youtube video begging peeps to vote LOL!

Thanks so much to all my internet friends for being wonderful! You guys make my life so rich!

HUGS and Thankful-ness,

Brittani Taylor :)

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Patrycia ;D said...

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Cool blog ;D
Plz look at my blog :)
And write commet :)

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