Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mini Golf!!

I GOT TO GO MINI-GOLFING!! I haven't been in forever, I mean F O R E V E R!!! There is a place pretty close to where all my friends live, so we hopped into two cars and sped off!

On the first hole, Andrew hit his ball into the bushes LOL!! We used Taylor's cell phone as a flash light and found it!

They made me the score keeper, unfairly if I might say so myself, and I was doing a lousy job of keeping track so Eric ripped up the score card and threw it in the lake!


There were spider and bugs and ants everywhere on the course!! At one point Tyler ripped off his shirt because there was a bug on him and ran around trying to get it off!

Taylor threw Eric's ball into the lake, we got it out, only for Tyler's ball to get thrown in the lake! Below is a picture of Tyler trying to fish his ball out lol!

There were two little cute bunnies that are like the mascot of the place!! Andrew really wanted to pet it and wouldn't leave it alone long enough for me to get a clear picture, so I just got the bunny running away! :)

We only played like 5 holes and gave up! Between the lost golf balls and spiders, we decided to escape into the arcade!

<--------Tyler, Andrew, and Eric!

Taylor won the jackpot twice on an arcade game, so we all got silly cool prizes!!

After mini-golfing, we all hung out and watched Robot Chicken!! Seth Green is a genius!

Off to edit on my next episode!

Hugs and more Hugs,

Brittani Taylor aka Rhonda Anthony Tanner/R.A.T. Coaching aka B-RAT :)

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