Monday, July 14, 2008

Night Owl

I have been such a night owl this past week!! Usually I go to bed early, around 11pm or so! Haha sooooo not the case last night! I think I rolled in at 2am?

The thing is, I haven't been sleeping in at all either, I am still getting up just as early as I do when I get a full nights rest! So, it is starting to mess with me LOL! Not in a bad way, I just get loopy when I am tired and become the most random person on the planet!

But, like my mom says, I am young and I recover quickly! Last night I had a work/play party with the amazing Tyler Shamy!! On the way over, I took a quick picture of the sunset, because it was just gorgeous! This picture doesn't do it justice!

We both did work for a while, he has two lap tops, and then we baked cupcakes! When I say we, I mean he made them I watched from my chair LOL! Check out his myspace page, the dude is such an amazing singer:

The cupcakes turned out pretty good, but I only had a bite because sugar keeps me awake for hours!

After baking we watched Bruce Almighty, but half way through the movie we had both fallen asleep, so that was the cue for me to go home!

On a random note, because if you have been reading my blog so far I am loopy and can't control it, I got to draw the other day!! My mom bought me these very expensive water color pencils at a garage sale for nothing! I decided to try them out, and this is what came out of me!

Filming a new "Brittani" episode today! Can't wait!

Hugs and Shooting Stars,

Brittani Taylor aka Rhonda Anthony Tanner/R.A.T. Coaching aka B-RAT :)

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