Saturday, November 8, 2008

Crystal + Brittani = Trouble :)

I really wanted to do a lot of my work on youtube today, but God had other plans. Our internet has been being funky since this morning, hopefully I will make it through writing this blog before it goes out again LOL!

I love Disney movies, anything cheesy/happy/feel good/leave the movie theater smiling kind of movies.

My awesome friend Crystal wanted to hang out, so I was like "Heak to the Yes!". We both had a very full week, so we wanted to do something the required very little effort, so the natural choice was go see a movie.

I kind of wanted to see High School Musical 3, and Crystal is a musical theater junky and wanted to see it too!

We didn't really want anyone to see us seeing the movie!
It was actually really good! The budget must have been huge between the wardrobe, sheer number of bodies, and the scene setups! It was so cute because every time Zach Efron took off his shirt and even appeared on screen the younger girls in the audience would start giggling and whispering! LOL! :)

Off to prep for tomorrow, I have to start editing on my next R.A.T. episode! The episode I filmed before vacation but just didn't seem to get around to editing before I left!

Hugs and Music,

Brittani Taylor aka Rhonda Anthony Tanner/R.A.T. Coaching aka B-RAT :)

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