Saturday, November 29, 2008

Princess Jasmine :)

Kittens are too freaking cute for their own good!

My friend Crystal invited me along with her roommate and another friend to go to the animal shelter. Crystal really wanted a cat for her birthday, and she has been scouting animal shelter websites to see what was available!

They were supposed to have a kitten fair today, with different kittens for adoption! Only thing was, when we got there, most of the kittens had already been adopted. We only happened to go back into the cat room, and one of the workers in the shelter said that there were two kittens available for adoption in this other room.

That is when we all meet "Jasmine"! She is the cutest, scrawniest little purring machine ever! The moment Crystal got to hold her she wasn't climbing all over like most kittens, she was just cuddled on her chest purring up a storm and looking at all of us!
What is funny is that I was thinking that she should be named Jasmine, and so was Michelle and Crystal! All three of us came up with the same name for her at the same time! So it was kitty fate LOL! Here is me with the little princess herself!

Afterwards we got lunch and then went shopping! Kittens, food, shopping, friends, perfect day!

Off to watch Netflix dvd's and catch up on youtube!

Hugs and French Fries,

Brittani Taylor aka Rhonda Anthony Tanner/R.A.T. Coaching aka B-RAT :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Kiddo

Cute kitty. I picked my Winnifred up in the parking lot at work. She's been the best cat. Even tolerates the three dogs just to sit next to me and Mrs Auggie. Thanks for the look into your day.


Amaranthine thought said...

It so was a perfect day and i get my baby today!!! ahhhh

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