Monday, December 1, 2008

T-DOG and B-RAT Lunchtime! :)

My awesome friend Taylor and I took a bit of time out of our day to grab lunch!

Our favorite place to go eat is Good Earth Restaurant for the following reasons:

1-Valet Parking
2-It is cheap!
3-Foods healthy
4-It is cheap!

I was so hungry, cause we were eating kind of late that I ate all the free rolls of bread at our table LOL! Even for this picture I had my mouth full, hence the chubby cheeks!

Taylor wanted me to take a picture of him with his new phone. He throughly broke his old Blackberry, may it rest in peace, so he got some new touch phone from Verizon! And, because we kept taking pictures and talking, it took forever for us to order because I kept sending the waitress away cause I didn't know what I wanted! Taylor ended up destroying his placemat while we were waiting!
I also filmed two collab videos this morning, and then worked on organizing a collab for my page! Off to edit, new R.A.T. episode will be up on Thursday!

Hugs and Applesauce,

Brittani Taylor aka Rhonda Anthony Tanner/R.A.T. Coaching aka B-RAT :)

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