Thursday, February 26, 2009

Filming Machine! :)

I am a filming machine haha! I am really lucky to know what I want to do with with my life, and there is nothing better than when you get to just create!

I filmed another slang video! I missed pretending to be "ghetto" fab, so I brought my gansta chick back! Hopefully, I will have it done and uploaded by Friday/tomorrow, and I am going to try to do a blooper video to put up as well on my Brittani channel! :)
Also, my friend Shane asked me to be in another one of his awesome videos. We filmed it on Wednesday, then edited it afterwards until 3am! LOL! Talk about die hards! Here are some images from filming, it will be up on his channel on Saturday!

Off to edit like a mad woman!

Hugs and Efficiency,

Brittani Taylor aka BLT aka RAT :)

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Lovelybones24 said...

LMAO! I just want to know why he has stockings on his head xD <3333

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