Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Random THURSDAY! :)

Hey my darlings! I again have been lax with keeping up with my blogs! I have just been working too much LOL!

If you don't know already, I opened up a second youtube channel for video logs and other characters. I am still doing my R.A.T. videos, I just have a new video camera and wanted to be able to create more often!

I just discovered liquid eyeliner as well, haha I am not very good at putting it on or getting it off, but it was fun to use in my latest episode! :)

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY on Saturday! I made a special video for you guys!

The Emo Breakup video is also up that I was telling you guys about, and it is at almost 200,000 views and growing! Crazy, doesn't feel real and it was just so much fun to shoot! :)

ALSO I AM GOING TO BE Live on Blogtv on my friend Shane's show on Friday at 5pm! Come and hang out with us! :)

I just discovered how to do hyperlinks, and this amazing site to edit pictures called! So that is why I pimped out this blog! In re-cap, Happy V-day, check out my new vids and come hang out with Shane and I on Friday!

Hugs and Candy,

Brittani Taylor :)


jaidi anukita said...

good vibes you send me
good vibes i send you

Amaranthine thought said...

I love you Brittani Taylor

Love Kota said...

I finaly started my Blog Brittani!
Which is also good cause
I won't be anonymous
when I leave you comments anymore lol!
Love You!

-Love Kota

mary said...

hiii brittani how are you???
i like your new channel on yuotube!
:-D see ya

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