Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Americana

AWW I love the weekends!! I was already planning on doing something with my friend Crystal, but then my friend Tyler called at like 1pm and asked if I wanted to go to a movie!

It was a random thing! We managed to get a decent size group of our friends and family to go see "The Love Guru" at this really cool new mall in Glendale called The Americana!

My friend Taylor came over before the movie, because we were going to carpool, and we had some time to kill until my other friend Crystal got to my place, so we had some fun with Photo Booth on my IMAC!
If you have ever been to The Grove, in LA, then you probably know how neat it is! Well The Americana is by the same builder as The Grove,and it is every bit as classy!
The movie was cute!! I love Mike Myers, I want to work with him so bad someday! Here is a group shot after the movie!

Later that night we went mini golfing then came back to my place and chilled!! I am filming my next episode today, so we didn't make it a super late night! Off to prep, hope everyone is staying cool and enjoying this beautiful summer weather!

Hugs and Popsicles,

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Vinny And Ethan said...

How did you like The Love Guru? I watched it too, and I thought it was kind of strange...but nevertheless funny.

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