Saturday, June 28, 2008

Personality? What's that? :)

Haha oh my was I a zombie last night!! I spent most of the day yesterday answering messages on my youtube video, and by the time that I went to hang out with my friends, my brain was just fried!

It is always so interesting all the facets that we have of our personalities!! I am happy all the time, but sometimes I am just quiet and like to watch people! I mean really, we are fascinating creatures!

First my friend Eric and Matt picked up my other friend Tyler and I and we went to a cheap DVD store to see if we could find any movies that we liked, no go.

After making a bunch of stops in Hollywood, we all went to Jerry's Deli where we meet up with Tyler's friend Micheal! Here are some pictures from Dinner!
After dinner, we were all supposed to go bowling, but it just didn't work out!! Thankfully my personality came out a little bit at dinner, I think I got a small burst of energy LOL!

Off to pick up my brother from the airport!! He is in town for a week, so excited!

Hugs and Happiest Day wishes,

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