Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Haha wow am I moving slow today!! Maybe it is because yesterday I went to Disneyland!! We didn't end up getting there until like 2pm, but we stayed until 11:30pm haha!

All my friends, Tyler, Eric, and Andrew have year round passes to the park! I broke down and got one, because honestly if I plan on going more than once, which I do, it is just cheaper to get the year round pass!! Only problem was that I have a Arizona Driver's license, because I go back and forth, and I forgot to bring a bill to prove that I live in California!

Luckily, we convinced the lady at the window that I live here! I pulled out everything in my wallet and showed her atm receipts, movie rental cards, receipts for food LOL! She finally gave in woot woot! By this time, Eric was starving so we went into the California Adventure part of the park first! Andrew got a turkey leg, kind of gross looking but he really enjoyed it! Tyler is a vegetarian, so Andrew kept trying to get Tyler to take a bite of it!

The boys freaking messed with my mind all day!! First they told me that the roller coaster didn't go upside down, it did! Here is a picture of Tyler and I in line for the coaster!

Then they told me that the Tower of Terror ride didn't really drop. They said that there was just like wind effects, and the walls moved and that it doesn't drop but a couple of feet......

We waited in line to go to the new toy story ride, but it was the first day that it was open and the wait was over two hours, so we all agreed to go over into the Disneyland part of the park!! Here are some random photos from the rest of our day!
I had so much fun, but back to the grindstone today!! I had already gotten like 5 hours of work in yesterday, so my new episode is almost finished!! I am gonna go apply the sound effects and music right now! I will have it up by tomorrow!!

Hugs and Magical Day wishes,

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Vinny And Ethan said...

I blame gullibility for your mishaps, Britt..haha.

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